IE Bug Workaround – Unclickable absolute positioned hyperlink over absolute positioned image

I had to fix an IE9 bug today where an absolute positioned hyperlink over an absolute positioned image was not clickable. Here’s an example of the code in question to give you a better idea of the problem.

At … Continued

How to unit test asynchronous methods in iOS using SenTestingKit

I’ve found the best way of unit testing asynchronous code in iOS using SenTestingKit (OCUnit) is by using a dispatch semaphore. Here’s an example of how to use it:

What’s a dispatch semaphore? I’ve added some links below with … Continued

Expectations for the March 2012 Apple media event

It’s the eve of another Apple media event. There’s lots of speculation about what will be announced. I try to ignore most of it because I know most of it is just link bait and plain ridiculous. So, I’ve decided … Continued