Expectations for the March 2012 Apple media event

It’s the eve of another Apple media event. There’s lots of speculation about what will be announced. I try to ignore most of it because I know most of it is just link bait and plain ridiculous. So, I’ve decided to write my own list of expectations.

So here goes.

  • New iPad
    • iOS 5.1
    • retina display
    • more powerful processor
    • more powerful graphics processor
    • better cameras
    • larger storage capacities
    • about the same battery life, but maybe a little less
    • probably a new 4G/LTE version
    • iPad 2 will shift to low cost model like iPhone 3GS and 4
  • New AppleTV
    • 1080p support
    • Mac AirPlay Mirroring support
    • maybe iCloud features
  • Maybe one or more new AirPort products
  • Maybe a new TV product

Anything else is a bonus.