Spring Cleaning for iPhone 5 – Wallpapers

iPhone 5’s new 4″ Retina Display has different dimensions and resolution from the displays on its predecessors, which means it’s time to look for new wallpapers and rethink how to arrange all my apps. For this post, I’ll look at how I pick my wallpapers and list a few links to wallpapers for iPhone 5.


In iOS you can set a two different wallpapers – one for the lock screen and another for the home screen. You can do this in the Settings app under Brightness & Wallpaper.

The lock screen doesn’t appear on screen for very long. It will only be seen between the point when the display is activated by a button press, an incoming call or a new notification, and the point the phone is unlocked. But it’ll be the first thing in iOS, people will see that can be customised by the phone owner. So I like to choose a wallpaper that shows my personality, mood or interests – usually a poster, a logo or a quote in a nice typeface. It can be a good trigger for a conversation.

The home screen wallpaper is different. It appears on the screen more often, but is usually obscured by app icons. I always choose something subtle, usually darker, so that it doesn’t draw attention away from the app icons and make them difficult to identify. The wallpapers I’ve used for the home screen are normally textures, repeating patterns or images that emphasise the grid arrangement of the app icons.

Here’s a few links with wallpapers for iPhone 5 that I like:

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